Cynintae (Cece) was emerged into music at a very young age. As soon as she was first enrolled in school she began music and theater classes. Throughout school her experiences in music drove her to begin studying toward a Doctorate of Musical Arts. She started professional training in dance (musical theater, jazz,ballet and lyrical) at the age of 11 and theater training by “Law & Order’s” Spencer White, at the age of 13. Since then she has grown tremendously in most aspects of the arts, having learned the clarinet, piano, snare drums, some guitar, and violin. Although she is well rounded, Cece excels in Classical music.  She began coaching voice to middle-high school students as well as some colligate workshops during her director internships in high school. After 11 years of professional training in classical vocal performance, and being a member of every All-State choir and Honors choir in Virginia from 2007-2013, Cynintae was awarded full ride scholarships to the university of her choice to study voice (with a concentration in choral and classical music). She attended Randolph College as well as Liberty University before moving to Atlanta to broaden her experience. Music has given her everything in life and she strives to give that same experience to every student she coaches.