My Best Voice offers the industry’s leading voice, piano, health and wellness development courses to ALL AGES from aspiring undiscovered talent to established recording artist. My Best Voice was founded in January 2020 previously known as The Premier Vocal Coaching found in 2009. The president Ebony Sowell-Franklin has over 13 years of experience in vocal training, holds a MA in Business, has memberships with The Grammy Recording Academy, International Voice Teacher of Mix, Preferred member of Thumbtack, Board member of Atlanta’s School of the Performing Arts and more. Our instructors lead the industry for vocal training transformation, coaching and instruction to help you realize the power in your voice. 


We will serve all singers/musicians and speakers by providing relevant, state of the art training. We address addressing performers emotional and physical body by increasing confidence, technique and self-expression.  Be ready to be transformed when you realize he Power in Your Voice! 


My Best Voice will equip and serve all singers and musicians with a course of action to achieve success quickly and effectively.